I am a concerned youth.
I care about people.
I care about humanity.
I care about values.
I care about equality.

I write about social issues, problems in society and also academic pieces but I am not a scholar.

I am an aspiring lawyer, independant researcher and journalist. I will always always be a student because learning is a life-long experience.

I do not intend to hurt any religion, ethnicity or community. My opinions are my own and they are strong.

I advocate for quality education, gender equality, LGBT rights, human rights, national integration and reconciliation.

My views are non-partisan yet political.

I believe in the power of youth opinions and youth voices which can positively impact society in our own small ways!


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Natasha Fernando's Blog

Natasha Fernando's Blog
I share my writing on an online platform because knowledge has to be shared. Margaret Fuller said : "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it"

Natasha Fernando

Natasha Fernando

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About the Author

Natasha Fernando is an undergraduate double majoring in Law and International Studies. This is her blog sharing her academic writing, essays, poetry and creative passages. She is also a volunteer blogger for the UNDP UNLOCKED Blogging platform.

My readers are welcome to comment and engage with the posts and contact me via LinkedIn or Google Plus. THIS PLATFORM IS FOR YOU TO AGREE DISAGREE AND DISCUSS.

Contact me if you want your events covered in a youth perspective. I publish articles for free in my blog. Always welcome a learning opportunity. #always #always a #Student

DISCLAIMER: The education institutes, where author is currently an undergraduate, does not represent or endorse the views expressed in this blog.