Tears fall from my eyes as I write my note,
Every time you visit me and leave.
I eagerly wait for all Sundays;
You pay the highway to avoid traffic
Spends lots of money, buys the whole world for me.
Yet, I frown, I scream, I ignore
I take for granted
All your love.
Then I remember the cold showers at Diyathalawa,
How mum told me you wouldn’t use
The hot bath at home,
Because I had none.
Sister complains you don’t drive her for classes,
You come to see me instead.
I never followed your path or mum’s,
Still you love me.
My friend calls me while I was at class,
A classmate’s Dad has passed away.
I rang his phone, which I rarely do
And said ‘how are you?’
‘I am at work, yes whats the big hurry?’
‘No I just called to see if you’re okay’

And now when I think all the things you’ve done
And wondering how I’ll pay you back someday.


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Natasha Fernando's Blog

Natasha Fernando's Blog
I share my writing on an online platform because knowledge has to be shared. Margaret Fuller said : "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it"

Natasha Fernando

Natasha Fernando

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