Saturday, March 22, 2014

I walked in to a mist. I couldn't see anything and my vision clouded. I couldn't see myself. I kept walking and I stumbled and hit the ground head first. It was painful, and when I got up and shrug off the dirt from my shoulders I found my nose bleeding. I wiped the blood way, smearing it on my face in the process and wept. I sat on the ground with my hands on my head and stood still in that position to gather myself up. I saw a corpse walking towards me, then it disappeared. It was one of those hallucinations. A midst that mist I felt claustrophobic and I hurled on the ground. I laid there because I felt immobilized. It took what felt like a century to wake-up and when I finally did, I was sure I was paralyzed down my waist.

I was surrounded by a mist so dense that I couldn't fathom where I was and in which direction lies my salvation. I felt like I was circling around in a maze of white and grey. I sat on the ground because I was dizzy. It was my head. I kept hearing noises of heavy breathing, a gurgling, and a cry for help. It was faint and weary; almost a plea. I wasn't used to sitting around not doing anything so I walked in the direction I guessed the sound came from. I kept walking surviving the occasional stumble. I hit somebody's foot and fell on to what felt like a human body. She screamed and tried to move away under my weight. I was terrified.

I was trapped. There were white and grey figures moving everywhere. Those figures had no shapes. They hit on my eyes like waves and some of them went right through my body and made me cold. I was shivering, and drops of sweat covered my body. My lips were dry, but my palms felt moist. I had a feeling that I was being watched. I cut my foot on something sharp and it was bleeding for so long that my foot no longer felt any pain. It was numb. There was a masochist pleasure in it. My head was throbbing with a pain that sent something like an electric charge to my eyes. I felt them burning and smoking. I felt something terrible at the pit of my stomach and it hit my heart. I blacked out and collapsed to the ground.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This is a bilingual blog of a dear friend 'Hasarel Gallage'. [ Des Paroles d'un Coeur Muet. ]
We are both amateurs in this business of writing yet, hers are flows of human emotion and more closer to nature. This is a blog I would like to recommend to everybody who shares an interest in literature. Its a real delight to rather a more aesthetically inclined, beautiful mind.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live. 

-Dorothy Parker 

poem excerpted from: <>

Dorothy Parker's poem 'Resume' deals with the subject matter of suicide. Although a rather concise poem it speaks of a dark notion in an ironic tone. She makes the various means of committing suicide rather mundane than what the actual act would cause thereby making an understatement. 

There is shocking visual imagery evoked by the very first line ‘razors pain you’. Images of blood, death and despair run throughout this poem. At the same time razors does more than just cause pain; which is a huge understatement. Focusing on the last line “you might as well live’’, the poet could also bring into light that if anybody attempted suicide and didn’t succeed, he/she might have to live with the consequences of having attempted suicide in the first place. For example, the guilt associated with the ‘sin’ of putting an end to life by cutting through one’s veins, could be witnessed later through the scars. 

The concluding line of the poem also imparts the thought of suicide as ‘painful’, ‘unlawful’, and ‘awful’ therefore ‘you might as well live’; administering the fact that life must go on despite the tragedies that surround you. It is the ironical tone of the dark subject matter that makes this a dark comedy of sorts. The end rhyme continues the obnoxious thoughts of death by suicide underlined with sombre humour with the rhyming scheme ab-ab. The auditory images evoked by the line gas smells awful might remind the reader, although anyone can turn on the gas inside the house and light a match that would kill instantly, she would have to bear the rancid smell in the meantime. 

The title of the poem ‘resume’ denotes begin again or continue after a pause or interruption, which subtly brings out the theme ‘’despite all hazards and tragedies in life, continue to live it’. The momentary pain or fear caused before suicide is enough to choose between life and death. The pun on the word resume appears with the connotation as in ‘Resumé’ which states one’s qualifications and experience in a document. This reflects on the tragic life of Dorothy Parker whose three marriages failed and had impulsively attempted suicide several times. Therefore she is an omniscient writer who writes with experience quite similar to ‘Lady Lazarus’ by Silvia Plath. It is interesting to note that both these women lead tragic lives having their feelings and thoughts sagaciously reflected in poetry.

There is a question whether the overall message of the poem is a positive one or a negative one. In the concluding line 'you might as well live", the poet doesn't word it as 'you should'; there isn't a direct dictation but with the word 'might' she leaves the reader to decide which to chose: life or death. Looking further in to the title 'Resume', when Parker looks in to her recorded milestones in life, the highlights could be her failed attempts at suicide. Therefore there is a tone of resignation as we understand that committing suicide is a mode of escapism for those who want to avoid complexities of life. This is the negative aspect of suicide. It is probably the element of fear that made her decide it is better to live without resorting to suicide and she thus intends a positive message through this poem. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When I was a little girl I use to write these little acrostic poems about random stuff. I sometimes write acrostic poems about my childhood friends. I lost the sketchbook in which I wrote those and after a long time today, I felt like writing one.     ENJOY :)

B eauty in the wings that spread in delight,

U tterly lost for words when they dance in the sunlight.

T hey flutter those wings as they fly by,

T hen soar up to blend with the blue sky.

E nchanting the flowers they kiss

R ight on the soft petals without a miss

F ly, fly, fly in all directions, those

L ovely little creatures of god made in to perfection.

Y ou are lucky sweet creature, you feel no misery…

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